Pictures from Haiyang, China

Haiyang in China is what locals call “city in developement”, but I would argue it is one of those infamous ghost towns. There is lot of high-rise buildings where nobody lives. Some of these empty houses shine at night with bright colors, it looks like Las Vegas. The lights are beautiful and weird at the […]

Dotless stack overflow exception

We have following .less snipet. It was no problem for the old dotLess compiler, but the new one (v 1.2.2) has problem in the .anonymousPersonImage class declaration. It results in Stack Overflow exception and dotLess stops working. Solution is to avoid having same names for mixins and classes. .personImage() { float: left; margin: 0px 4px […]

Jak lžeme dětem

Jak lžeme dětem Dospělí lžou dětem pořád. Netvrdím, že bychom měli přestat, ale myslím, že bychom se měli alespoň zamyslet, jaké lži jim říkáme a proč. Může nám to přinést užitek. Také nám všem lhali, když jsme byli děti, a některé z těch lží nás dodnes ovlivňují. Zkoumáním toho, jak dospělí lžou dětem, si můžeme […]

Fix of jQuery.durationPicker

I have noticed (shamefully late), that the demo for durationPicker is not working in Chrome and IE. It works only in Firefox.  I will fix it in 24hrs (it will take longer than that), when I will have time to do it, and investigate what caused it. Link to original article on durationPicker.

Rotate table cell content with jQuery

Rotating text via CSS is now relatively easy. There is a few of good tutorials and demos out there. But they lack one thing – they don’t explain how to rotate text in a table cell. Few days ago during pair programming with Michal Tehnik we run into trouble. We managed to rotate the text, […]