HistoryGraph – Introduction

At IPO48 2011 in Prague I introduced my idea of HistoryGraph – web based educational app displaying historical events sorted by topic in interactive timelines.  The idea did not get enough people to start up at IPO48, in fact there was only me in the team and the minimum was 3 people 🙂 I have since then revised the idea, simplified it and came to terms with the fact that it will not make me rich.  The simplified version will only read data from tables on a web site and render a visualisation graph. In this approach it will be similar to Filament’s jquery visualize plugin. Filament’s plugin focuses on displaying statistical and business data, my goal is to visualize connections of historical events.


If you are for example writing a blog article on current revolution in Egypt or Libya and need to see what was happening in these countries at any given moment in time, how other governments and media reacted to those events, then HistoryGraph comes in handy.

My original idea was that there would be one central database of historical events which would be labelled classified and tagged, and users would be able to filter and display only the topics they are interested in to spot the not so obvious connections between events in different parts of the world. The idea is nice, I still believe in it but there is no business plan in it. Now I don’t think  it is possible to make money by working on it, but I would probably develop something like this anyway so why not to offer it to public for free? I believe HistoryGraph will find its users. We will see … 🙂