Inspiration from books

Recently I started to read a lot (thanks to Kindle text-to-speech feature) and I can see how books are broadening my mind. There is a lot of inspiration in (good) books, ideas and concepts you would not otherwise think about.  I want to share some of these great books. They are:

There is no need to comment on Rich Dad Poor Dad, as there was already written a lot. Even thou I don’t agree with everything Kiyosaki says, I recommend everyone to read it. And if possible to play the CashFlow game.

Moonwalking with Einstein is about memory and it’s history. It is very well written and raises few questions about quality of our current educational system. Most of what we have to learn in schools is shortly forgotten afterwards. We don’t know how to use our brain and it’s memory capacity. Nobody teaches us that. Is it really possible to remember everything? After I read this book I believe it is. Question is if it really worths the effort 🙂

Road to Serfdom. To put it in one sentence:  How the nice idea of equality and socialism turns into dictatorship. There is probably no other way. Once there is one central authority which plans what will be produced, in what quantity and for what price, then it necessarily leads to oppression. It is book about economics, but economics has actually its roots in psychology too.

Lucid Dreaming. Well… this one is very interesting. This is the only book I write about even before I have finished it. I added it to the list because it is really fascinating, but I will write about it later. I haven’t got any lucid dream yet, so I can’t really write about it. Anyone experience it?