Courage and personal growth

Motto: What prevents you from success is your fear of failure

If you are afraid that you will fail than you are very likely to give up. You might be given great opportunity, but you don’t take it because you are afraid that you might fail. What is worse? To try something new, possibly fail but learn loads of stuff in the process or avoid risk and do nothing? Of course that when you do something what is new to you will make mistakes. There is no way how to avoid mistakes when you learn. People even can make fun of you. But probably they wont. (Did you know that? it is just your fear talking to you. You wont realize it unless you do it.) Instead of laugh you will get respect. Just look at small kids: they don’t count failures. They just try to walk. They want to get to their favourite toy. And they will get there, may be with bruises, but they will get there. Unlike some adults who rather stay in a corner and complain that life is too difficult. We all have dreams, we all want to achieve something great, we all want to get respect from our friends and community. We want to be successful and happy. But there is a price to pay: You have to have courage to pursue your dreams. You have to be passionate. Don’t you just dream but really do something, go out, talk to people, be open, start something, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. We all need a helping hand sometimes, there is no shame in asking for it. (Just be polite and don’t beg 🙂 ). I don’t know what it means to be great but it I believe it has something to do with standing on shoulders of giants. If you work only on your own you are like a piece of coal taken out of a fireplace.