How to set default browser in Visual Studio 2010

After every upgrade of Resharper I always encounter the same annoying error: Default browser in Visual Studio is reset to default browser in Windows. I use Chrome but when I need to debug JavaScript I always use Internet Explorer with VS. It’s by all means the best debugging tool for JavaScript I’ve encountered (I know that some people hate MS products, so lets the flame wars begin 🙂 ).

One workaround is to right click on any .aspx page and choose “Browse with…” and then set IE as default. But this is not always available. But what if you are developing with Razor where are no .aspx files there? Then you are stuck, aren’t you? You can of course add blank .aspx page to your Solution and then right click on it, but that’s very stupid solution.

Luckily there is a plugin for it. Obviously lot of people find that annoying too. It is called “Default Browser Switcher” and it does exactly what you would expect it to do. It allows you to easily switch default browser just by clicking on a small icon. Thumbs up.

PS: If you want to gently push Microsoft to include such a feature in the next version of Visual Studio please vote here.