TwitterNow bookmarklet

Have your ever wanted to add simple tweet with url of interesting blogpost you are currently reading? I’ve found a simple javascript bookmarklet which does just that. It opens a new twitter popup window with generated message so you can customize it if you want to. And if you select part of text in web page it […]

Little jQuery.extend gotcha

jQuery.extend() is a very powerful function for merging two objects or for extending jQuery with custom plugins. There is but one little gotcha to think about: as in most function calls the order of parameters matters 🙂 Following two fragments of code yields different objects var a = { aa : ‘1’ , bb : […]

Convert local time to UTC time in Javascript

This might come in handy. Simple function which converts local time to UTC (Universal Coordinated Time). It accepts single argument of type Date. //converts local time to UTC (Universal Time) function toUTC(/*Date*/date) { return Date.UTC( date.getFullYear() , date.getMonth() , date.getDate() , date.getHours() , date.getMinutes() , date.getSeconds() , date.getMilliseconds() ); } //toUTC()

Problem with printing background images

I have recently wasted almost two hours trying to figure out why some HTML based report wont display logo in its header. I am quite sure this will make someone else’s life easier, so I am sharing it. The problem is that most browsers ignore background-image and background-color. So whatever I did I could only […]

Environment and productivity

What kind of environment is best for work? Do you work in such? When I worked for IBM I was confined in a cubicle in a big open-space.  It was an experience I don’t want to go through again. The environment was “noisy by default”, there was a continuous sound-spam of chatting people. It was […]

I’ve started using Memolane

Recently I have stumbled across an interesting startup called Memolane. It is an unorthodox aggregator of various social media sites, YouTube, RSS feeds et cetera. I find it very useful. We all publish and share bits of our life to various sites, with different groups of friends, and Memolane collects them all back together, so everything is […]