Workaround for eternal problem with node-gyp on Windows

This is super annoying. Reliance on node-gyp on Windows is such a pain! The error description says the it can not find the Python executable, even though it is there.

There is a workaround – 2021 SOLUTION

  • Re-Install node-gyp globally – npm install -g node-gyp@latest 
  • Delete node-modules
  • Delete package lock file
  • Reinstall all packages again (pnpm i or npm i)
  • PS: I recommend using pnpm instead of npm. It is much faster.
  2. Open cmd as Administrator (Otherwise the installation fails, meh)
  3. run command npm install –global –production windows-build-tools
  4. This will install Visual Studio Build Tools (yes, I know, there is mismatch in names)
  5. This will also install Python again as a side-effect (meh)
  6. run npm rebuild in the project’s folder
  7. re-open cmd and run npm install
  8. all should be fine now
npm hell
npm hell