Git productivity tips

During pair programming with my colleague Michal Těhník I watched him using git. Here are few things I learned from him.

Use git number

Git number allows you to use numbers instead of file names. If you for example need to diff some file, or add it to commit, you no longer have to copy paste the filename or type it by hand. You just type something like “git add 1“. Git number can be combined with other git commands.  For example: git number diff 1

Use of git number

Installation Instructions (Windows)

  • Download files from Github
  • Extract to desired folder
  • Add that folder to $PATH variable! or in the git/cmd folder

Use aliases

  • instead of git status use git st
  • and instead of git st use git number 🙂
  • instead of git number diff use git d
  • instead of git commit use git cm

My config file then looks like this:

  cm = commit
  st = number
  d = number diff
  na = number add

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