jQuery plugin – simple numeric field

I’ve written very simple jQuery plugin which prevents user from entering non-numeric values to input field. It is available on Github. Allowed values are “0-9 + – , .” //Example of use $(‘input’).numberField(); Live DEMO here Update: It was not possible to write numbers on czech keyboard in a way like “Shift+š”. Fixed now. Credits: […]

Rotate table cell content with jQuery

Rotating text via CSS is now relatively easy. There is a few of good tutorials and demos out there. But they lack one thing – they don’t explain how to rotate text in a table cell. Few days ago during pair programming with Michal Tehnik we run into trouble. We managed to rotate the text, […]

jQuery.durationpicker plugin

[Important Notice: I’ve discovered some bug in demo of durationPicker. It runs correctly only in FF. I will fix it soon and notify you here.]   Have you ever looked at Googles’s (excellent) calendar app and wished that you had the  ‘event planing widget’ in your web form? Well, here is my own version, a […]